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When seen from a historical viewpoint, Gibraltar is a very unique city. So many different countries have claimed Gibraltar, each leaving a permanent mark on the landscape. The first recorded inhabitants were the Phoenicians in around 950 BC. Which is why Gibraltar became known as one of the Pillars of Hercules, after the Greek legend of the creation of the Strait of Gibraltar by Heracles.

At the Apes' Den (Queen's Gate) and in the area of the Great Siege Tunnels there is the rare opportunity to see semi-wild primates at close quarters. If you let them, the monkeys will be their captivating selves and behave in their everyday natural manner.

No one is actually sure how they got to Gibraltar, however, speculation has it they were brought either by the Arabs or the Bristish after 1704. The are under the care of the Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society.

The macaques' contact with large numbers of tourists was causing the integrity of their social groups to break down, as they began to become dependent on humans. This induced the monkeys to forage in the town, resulting in damages to buildings, clothing, and vehicles. For this reason, feeding the macaques in Gibraltar is now an offence punishable by law.

The easiest way to get there it is to ride the Cable Car to the Top Station where you will see apes sitting around.

St Michael’s Cave is a series, or network, of caves made of limestone, which are found on the Rock, or the Rock of Gibraltar. They are situated 300 metres above sea level. St Michaels cave is the most visited of all of the caves to be found inside the Rock of Gibraltar receiving around 1,000,000 visitors every year.

The ticket can be purchased with your Cable Car Ticket.

The cable car is one of the ways to the Top of the rock. The Top Station terraces offer the most spectacular views of Europe and Africa; southwards across the Strait of Gibraltar to Africa; westwards over the City of Gibraltar and across the Bay to Algeciras; and the blue expanse of the Mediterranean and the beaches and cities of the Costa del Sol to the east.

The labyrinth of tunnels known as The Great Siege Tunnels are perhaps the most impressive defence system devised by man.

During the Great Siege, the gallant defenders were stunned when Spanish and French besiegers dug into trenches too close to Gibraltar for the Bristish to fire on them.

Imaginative solutions were needed, and Sgt Major Ince suggested tunneling to get to a projection of rock to allow the Bristish guns to fire sideways on the attackers.

You must purchase a Nature Reserve ticket which will allow you access to other sites like St. Michael’s Cave. We recommend you to purchase a Cable Car Ticket and a Nature Reserve Ticket, both together.

Main Street is a wonderful area to explore. The street is lined with shops reminiscent of London. You’ll find familiar British shop names, international stores and a variety of local shops. It’s duty free shopping, no VAT, at competitive prices. There are 113 stores on Main Street between Casemates Squares and the Governor’s Residence.

Ocean Village is the latest development in Gibraltar with several shops, bars and restaurants to choose from. This Marina complex is lined with luxury yachts and plenty of places to eat, drink and party!! The Gala Casino complex is impressive and open 24 hours; all in all Ocean Village is a great place to visit, chill out and have fun. Some of the shops you can find are After Shock, Spirit, Signature and Farrington Art Gallery to name a few.