What's On in Gibraltar & Algeciras this November 2018

What's On in Gibraltar & Algeciras this November 2018

Gibraltar bursts with fantastic cultural events and festivals this month. Have a look at what’s happening in Gibraltar throughout November.

Music & Culture

Galatico play: 3rd November
Florida Theatre will bring Galatico on stage, on the 3rd of November. A comedy play about children soccer players is expected to ensure an hour and a half of continuous laughter for the spectators.
For tickets and more info, please click here.

The history of ROCK: 16th November
Resonant songs and international singers will reveal a tribute night in the name of famous artists and their songs that have built the history of rock music. From Elvis and Beatles to Bon Jovi and U2, the whole show is meant to be breath taking.
For tickets, please click here.

Muse + Coldplay Tribute: 23rd November
Green Covers will perform at the Gramola Room on the 23rd November singing famous Muse and Coldplay covers for the fans.
For tickets, please click here.

Revólver '25 years Basic Tour': 9th November
Revólver band returns on the stage after 25 years, celebrating the anniversary of his first album, Basic, an acoustic format that he will repeat on this commemorative tour.
For more info and tickets, please click here.

Invisible Dance concert: 17th November
Originating in Malaga, the Invisible Dance band will perform on stage on the 17th November, with some of their best songs.
For more info, please click here.

Events & Workshops

The Gibunco Gibraltar Literary Festival: 15th – 18th November
The Garrison Library, The Convent, King's Chapel, Mackintosh Hall, Kings Bastion and the Sunborn will be the venues for the sixth edition of the literary festival that has gain reputation throughout the European literature events, becoming one of the leading events of a kind and a major cultural venue for Europe.
For more information, please vistit the Gibraltar Literary Festival website.

45th Gibraltar International Art Exhibition: 7th-17th November
Gustavo Bacarisas Gallery is the venue for the 45th edition of the art contest and exhibition. Paintings and sculptures to enter the contest are limited at two per person.
For detailed information on competition, please click here.

Christmas Festival of Lights: 23rd November
Christmas street lighting will be officially switched on during the show held on the late afternoon of 23rd November at the John Mackintosh Square.
For more info, please click here.

Christmas Decoration Workshop: 22nd November
Getting so close to the most awaited time of the year, why not learn how to make your own Christmas decorations? Spend a day at John Mackintosh Hall on the 22nd November and learn how to make them. A Christmas show will exhibit your decorations, at your own will.
For more information about the workshop, please click here.

Gibraltar International Magic Festival: 22nd November- 2nd December
Magicians from around the world will gather at the John Mackintosh Hall to form an extraordinary show to the excitement of spectators. A whole week of events will become a festival of true magic!
Don't miss out! For tickets and schedule, please click here.

'CENSORSHIP' by Marga Guinea: 19th October – 23rd November
Interested in new art and ways to use recycling materials? Find out how Marga Guinea can transform recycled materials into art collages. 36 exhibits are being displayed until 23rd November at the Cajasur exhibition Room.
For more info, please click here.

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