Barbary Macaques

At the Apes' Den (Queen's Gate) and in the area of the Great Siege Tunnels there is the rare opportunity to see semi-wild primates at close quarters. If you let them, the monkeys will be their captivating selves and behave in their everyday natural manner.

No one is actually sure how they got to Gibraltar, however, speculation has it they were brought either by the Arabs or the Bristish after 1704. The are under the care of the Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society.

The macaques' contact with large numbers of tourists was causing the integrity of their social groups to break down, as they began to become dependent on humans. This induced the monkeys to forage in the town, resulting in damages to buildings, clothing, and vehicles. For this reason, feeding the macaques in Gibraltar is now an offence punishable by law.

The easiest way to get there it is to ride the Cable Car to the Top Station where you will see apes sitting around.

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